Love Shack's

2nd annual

Halloween Party & weenie roast

"Voodoo in the bayou"

Saturday, October 25th, 2008!

Pics from 2008 soon - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

The party for this year is over. Plans for next year have already begun so plan ahead for the Saturday before Halloween. Next year we may have a costume contest with a prize.  If you came this year you saw the awesome costume of Heidi Deal who was Tragedy Ann. She made it all herself and I will post a pic soon.

We are debating some changes for next year . . . so stay tuned. 

The theme this year was Voodoo and Bayou . . swamps and gators and strange people living out in the swamps.

There was a weenie roast and smores just like last year and jello shooters . . . the rain almost took us out but our friend Chuck put straw out and saved the day and my home from the mud.

I will post pics soon, if you took pictures and can share them with me I would really appreciate it. You can send to my email at

If our driveway is full of the dead who arrived before you, you may park your hearse off the side of the road out front of our house. We had the Grim Reaper clear the path in both directions to both the right and left of our entrance so parking can be accomplished if necessary.

Costumes are optional but encouraged . . .after all . . . the costumes confuse the real demons and spirits so they'll let you LIVE!.

Since many of our decorations and props are inedible, flammable, and breakable and potentially dangerous, this is an Adult Only event. 

This site is still undergoing experiments so check back for changes . . . and after the party, all your obituaries will appear on this website along with pictures of your experience in the Bayou. If you want to see a movie that inspired this theme, go rent The Skeleton Key.

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The_Skeleton_key_4.jpg (80819 bytes)

really funny-        must see our ghost picture!
Movies 30 Ways to Eat a Pumpkin
games pumpkin masters!
PUMPKIN CARVING the Howloween queen
food network halloween

hal1div2.jpg - 6531 Bytes

previous halloween costumes

BikerZombies.jpg (55129 bytes)

Biker Zombies

We won scariest costume contest.

Four hours

of makeup work.

click Image for  Larger Version KillerfromIknowwhatudidand BatesMotel1.jpg (272905 bytes)

Killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scene

from Psycho

ReptileWoman1.jpg (177393 bytes)

The theme was Carnival of the Damned. I went as  the Reptile Woman.

PICT0411x.jpg (413802 bytes)

Our Boo Boo

 in Boone, NC 

in his pumpkin outfit.

DorothyofOz.jpg (48851 bytes)

Me as Dorothy of Oz

posing with a friend.

PICT0120.jpg (2459885 bytes)

Jeff as Pig Man

for the Carnival.

PICT0177.jpg (2541401 bytes)

Goofing off 

as usual


PICT0154.JPG (2912655 bytes)

Pig Man getting


PICT0441.JPG (2671629 bytes)

The White Rabbit

from my

Mad Alice

in Wonderland


All costume pictures are from parties we have attended. 

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