party pics!

weenie roast

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Bad Alice

& Dr. Ben Dover


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Andy & Cindy

(Herman & Lilly)



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It's a bag of  Cash!

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I'd see a doctor about that rash if I were you. . .

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Contemplating the proper way to roast a weenie.

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Look Kimmie . .I found a weenie for my bun.

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He just wouldn't agree to be the Cheshire Cat!


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Scott - pre drunk.

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The lovely first couple of Halloween.

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Kim & Chuck

Todd & Robyn

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The instigator forcing purple shooters on everyone!


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How ya'll doin'?


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What's in this thing?


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Misty! Don't eat the PURPLE ones!

 ha ha


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OMG, he's the cutest ever!


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It's Smores Man!

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is Scottie2Drunkie


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Scott, you really need to stop eating

those purple ones

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uh oh - he's going down


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he's back!

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OMG! Aren't we cute?

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Now THAT's scary!

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oops, he's lost his horns!

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Little buddy are you still there?


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Yes, he too has had too many purple shooters.


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planning their next heist?


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Ricky Bobby in da house

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Shake n bake baby!

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who's that molesting the Dead Girl?

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Wait! That's my woman!

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Can't we share?

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Ah, that's the good stuff!

Last man went down at 4:00 A.M.

- at last report at least 4 people no longer want grape jello at any time or any place! ha ha

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