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The Bell Witch Movie

This movie was shot in high definition and was just released to HD DVD this month.  Based on a true story of the only case that is recorded in Tennessee state historical records as being a case of someone being murdered by a ghost This same story was portrayed in the movie released in 2006 called An American Haunting, but that movie was filmed overseas and about halfway thru the movie it departed from the true legend. Jeff and I printed the movie posters and are good friends with the movie producer. 

Official Trailer

Check out these clips about the Bell Witch in Adams, TN.

They are really clips about An American Haunting but they 

have a lot of good info about the real story.



Redone by Rob Zombie

Now in theatres . . . here's the trailer.



New Will Smith horror remake of the Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price. This new film coming out this year!


Trick r Treat

Coming out this year.


The original and only the original.

Alfred Hitchcock's personal trailer for the movie.

What if Psycho was a love story?


The Exorcist


The Ring


The Mist

New from Stephen King - Opens November 21st


The Shining

What if the Shining wasn't a horror movie but instead 

was a "heartwarming" story?? See this spoof trailer.


The following are spoof movie clips of horror movies 

as you've never seen it before - acted out in 30 seconds 



The Shining


the exorcist


freddy vs. jason


night of the living dead


the ring


Texas chainsaw massacre


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